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Ideas; one of my main skills is that they come to me naturally. Even though my education and my six years as a working designer have tought me how to be analytic in the “making of design”, Creativity have always been a part of my life. Hard to explain, but design is for me is rather a “feeling” than an evaluation process, (even though it takes hard work to establish great design).

People are interesting. Even though I was shy as a child, I was still interested in human behavioral. Today I am greatful for my former caution, since it gave me the possibility to study people from a distance forming the knowledge of peoples reactions and behaviors.

During my three years at ESAB I performed several user studies exploring the welding market for ESAB which later resulted on in two (of my three) patents. I developed in the artform of how to approach the end user in a tolerable way. How to get accepted and to collect information without coloring the user’s oppinion when making observations, discussions and qualitative interviews.

I think everything has something. Therefor I’ve never rejected a project before trying. This makes me versityle as a designer. Product design, graphical design, UX/UI - I like to work in great variation, since I believe that this makes me grow the most as a person.

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