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- A toy for everyone
(from the perspective of a physically challenged child)

How can we draw out a child's energy and desire to play, when the focus so often ends up on his or her physical limitations? Studies show that other children often take on the role of helper and see it as their task to take care of their physically challenged friend instead of playing on equal terms. The purpose of this toy is to create a bridge between children with and without physical limitations and give all children an opportunity to play on equal terms.

Ung Svensk Form Winner 2013

"Drawing design inspiration for a toy from the every day life of a physically challenged person is very clever and has probably never been done before.

A child takes this product for granted without attaching the value of judgements to the design. Something they then take with them later in life."
/Judges of Yuong Swedish Form 2013

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BA Project
9 weeks

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